Monday, June 1, 2009

The Dragon of Trelian Tour, Day 2

As I said in yesterday's post about Michelle Knudsen's new novel, The Dragon of Trelian, my nearly 12-year-old daughter is not a huge fan of the fantasy genre. My older son loved stories of castles and kingdoms, but she's more of a realist. Still, this novel grabbed her. Here's what she had to say:
"It's not exactly like any of the usual books about princesses. The princess isn't at all girlie—she's kind of tomboyish."
And, she tagged on, she really liked all the twists and turns and the bit of romance. She didn't actually use the word "romance," but I know she liked the little bits of it here and there. Just enough—but not too much— for a nearly 12-year-old.

So the story goes: The Princess Meglynne is 14-years-old, and she has a very big secret. After an accidental meeting, she impulsively decides to tell the mage's apprentice, Calen, her secret: she has found a baby dragon. The dragon is, at first, in the background of the story. The main action is happening at the kingdom, where Meg's older sister, Maerlie, is about to be married. The scenes go between Meg's kingdom life, Meg's life with the dragon, and Calen's experiences as a mage's apprentice.

Eventually, Meg and Calen's fates are intertwined. And that's all I'm saying today.

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Leah Courtney said...

It sounds really good. I love fantasy and just kind of drag my poor children along for the ride! :-) I'd like to read this aloud to them.

Anonymous said...

I think my son would like this too. I might have to read it to him. It was a good book. I'm always reading him thinks I discover from book reviewing.

Marya Jansen-Gruber said...

It was great to hear what your daughter thought about the book. Personally I love tales where the princess is tough and independent. Shannon Hale has created several princesses, and would be princesses, who are like this.

Heather said...

Let me know how it is...My boys are into the fantasy books and so I am always on the look out for new books..