Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

With my daughter at Parnassus Books in Nashville

1. You interject this comment into conversations on a regular basis: "That reminds me of a book I read..."

2. And also: "Have you read..." or "You should read..."

3. You go to thrift stores just to check out the book section.

4. You shudder and grimace involuntarily when people say, "I'm not really a reader..." or "I haven't read a book since college!"

5. You would never miss your monthly book club meetings—and you actually read the books.

6. No matter where you travel, you always visit a bookstore.

7. You roll your eyes when you hear the name "Marie Kondo" because 30 books.

8. You always read the book before seeing the movie.

9. You use stacked books as part of your decor.

10. You feel anxious and sweaty if you accidentally go anywhere without something to read.

Can you relate?