Friday, June 23, 2006

Book Reviews: Ladies #1 Detective Series

June 23, 2006

I have finished three more books in The Ladies' No. 1 Detective Series by Alexander McCall Smith, and I have to say I just love these books. I asked a friend of mine recently if she'd read these, and she said she'd read the first one and it was "Cute." Wow. That had to have been a surface-level read, because this series is so far from being "cute." There is wonderful language in each novel, and this beautiful river of tradition flows through every chapter. To only read this as a plot book--a fun summer beach novel--is a shame. So much is missed by skimming. Mma Ramotswe is a wonderful character, and Botswana comes to life under McCall's Smith poetic writing. Read it as "cute" if you wish, or read deeper and be mesmerized by the theme of people, family, and country.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Book Review: Brave Enemies

June 10, 2006

I loved this southern novel by Robert Morgan, also the author of Gap Creek, another of my favorites. This is a fascinating story of a young mountain woman during the Revolutionary War who, after a series of extremely unfortunate events, decides that her best chance for survival is to pretend she’s a boy. What happens in the hills between the rebels and the loyalists and those suspected of being a spy or seditionist on either side is pitiful and shocking. Ultimately Josie unintentionally joins the militia and fights at the fateful battle at Cowpens in January 1781. This is a fast-paced read. I’m glad to know Robert Morgan has several other novels I’ve not yet read!

Friday, June 9, 2006

Book Review: Monster

June 9, 2006

Frank Peretti's Monster is a good summer read. I remember Peretti's other novels as being much more visual and spiritually impacting. This novel is just a satisfying "Sasquatch" read, for those of us who have been fascinated with Sasquatch since watching the Six Million Dollar Man face off with the critter. This book goes on my list as a good plot read, but the writing itself is lacking and the dialogue is stilted. He also got quite preachy at several points; in fact, my eyes started glazing over at times. That said, if you've always had an interest in Bigfoot, this is a fun read.