Sunday, January 25, 2009

Book Review: All Good Gifts

I've had this book by Kathleen Morgan on my TBR list for at least two, maybe three, years. I have no idea where the recommendation came from—somewhere in the book-blogging world. And it was just a fluffy, easy-to-read, happy-ending little book. I'd say actually that this falls under the "inspirational romance" category, and I do say that while blushing. I didn't know.

It's an old story. Farm girl turns into the big-city career woman. Father dies; she comes back to settle his estate and ends up falling in love with the ranch hand. Sometimes, though, old stories can be done brilliantly, like good brother vs. bad brother in Mary Lawson's The Other Side of the Bridge. But in Morgan's novel, the characters are predictable and the writing, well, not exactly inspirational. Bulging muscles, angular jaw lines, playful banter, and lots of being sheepish.

But this is exactly the kind of book to which I was referring in my review of The Other Side of the Bridge; it's the kind of book you want to sandwich between two outstanding books so you can have a breather between greatness.

If you need something very light and syrupy, this is a perfect choice. Otherwise, skip it!

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