Friday, April 18, 2008

The Journal of Callie Wade

I have to say that I had some issues with this book that had nothing to do with the book itself. This is how weird I am: the book came via Paperback Swap. The very first thing I noticed about it were the stamps all over that declared it to be "PROPERTY OF CCAA HUERFANO COUNTY CORRECTIONAL CENTER." Something about this creeped me out, so I flung it aside for a couple of months. Actually, I intentionally placed it far away from my usual stack of TBR books, which is right beside my bed. Something about the thought of this book being in a prison made me feel icky, but I also had twinges of sadness imagining a sad woman in prison, escaping in her mind as she read this book about pioneer travel.

I am not normal. Well, eventually I needed some light reading, and I decided that, having been on my floor for a few months, the book was probably released of its prison affiliation. So I began reading it. The books itself was fine. The inside flap calls it the "marvelous debut novel" of author Dawn Miller, which is going way too overboard. It's interesting and the characters were well-drawn, but there are hundreds of mediocre books like this out there. I'd recommend it as a good in-between read.

Oh, and about half-way through the book I was overcome with curiousity about the "correctional center," so I googled it. Why in the world did I assume it was women's prison? This is actually a medium security men's prison. So that weirded me out even more.

I have issues.

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