Friday, January 16, 2009

Book Review: Kitchen Confidential

Subtitled "Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly," this book by chef Anthony Bourdain has been sitting on my TBR shelf for close to a year. Maybe even more. After discarding my first book of 2009 because it was so tedious, I decided to delve into one that came highly recommended by both my husband and our friend Dad2Three. Also, the cover promises that it's "unique…mesmerizing."

Sorry, boys. Bourdain's tales of his life as a chef pretty much did nothing for me. It's hard to like a memoir when the author's voice is so unlikeable. I didn't like Bourdain's writing style and I don't really care about how rich people eat. I think I could write a much more interesting book about working at Shoney's.

And that's all I have to say.


Rebecca Reid said...

I found similar thoughts after reading about Ruhlman's time in the culinary school -- he's not a chef, he just went to learn, from a journalism perspective, how a chef learns.

While I appreciate "gourmet" cooking, when I want to cook, I want to cook practical things. I did find Ruhlman's book interesting, although I don't have any desire to eat half of what they cook. It sounds like Bourdain's narration was highly annoying. Too bad!

Laura said...

I liked Ruhlman's books, but haven't read Bourdain's. I love your honest review, though!

DebD said...

Darn. I've also had this on my shelf for a very long time. I enjoy his tv show and thought the book would be fun too. I may give it a go anyway - someday.

Beth F said...

Good thing we have so many choices out there! I read this when it first came out and loved it! But I wasn't crazy about him as a TV personality. Thanks for the review!

carol at A Secnd Cup said...

I was thinking about reading this book. Thanks for posting an helpful review.