Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've been given a few awards lately and just wanted to say thanks and pay it forward. The first is the Arte Y Pico award, which apparently translates as something like: "Wow. The Best Art. Over the top" (quote from the Arte Y Pico blog). Hava at Nonfiction Lover bestowed this award upon me, so thank you, Hava!

And now for the E for Excellent and Brillante Weblog Awards, given to me by Amy at The Sleepy Reader a couple of weeks ago. And also, Dad2Three bestowed the Brillante Award to me at my SmallWorld at Home blog, so I'm thinking I can double up some here on the acceptance speech, right?

And finally, thanks to A Second Cup for a fabulous one, the Kick-A Blogger Award. A Second Cup is a blog I've encountered by way of entrecard, which is a blog-visiting site to which I've become addicted and can't seem to leave, even though I have no idea why I spend 20 minutes each day doing it. But I have found some awesome blogs in the entrecard community, so I guess that's my reason!

So, I know I'm supposed to pay these forward, but honestly I am befuddled by the enormity of searching for the required 22 or so bloggers to present with these various awards. Can I just say thanks for now? Will I be struck my lightning or have something terrible happen to me if I don't play by the rules? I am, truly, honored. I love bloggers!

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