Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Geeks #10: Magazines

This week’s Weekly Geeks theme is to talk about the magazines we read. ... For each magazine you want to talk about, here are a few questions. Answer as many or as few as you want.

1. Name of magazine.
2. Do you subscribe or just buy it now and then?
3. What’s your favorite regular feature in the magazine?
4. What do you think your interest in this magazine says about you?
5. How long have you been reading this magazine?
6. Is there any unique or quirky aspect to the magazine that keeps you reading?

I am not much of a magazine reader. Before I had kids, I used to subscribe to a few small literary journals, The New Yorker, Writers' Digest, and Harper's. Before that I subscribed to Tiger Beat. And in the early years of parenting I subscribed to Child and Better Homes and Gardens.

Nowadays I hold two subscriptions: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Cottage Living. The latter was a gift subscription.

I also pick up two weekly magazines at our church: The Christian Standard and The Lookout.

I read through these two short magazines regularly. I also read most of the articles in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Cottage Living, I skim. I've never really been into home improvement-type magazines because they make me feel, well, inadequate. And wanting.

In any sort of waiting room I search through stacks to find a People magazine. My dentist is so annoying with his Architectural Digest and Uppity Homes and Patios. Good grief! If I'm going to have a few minutes of wasted time, at least provide me with something totally brainless! The orthodontist is great about providing the latest People magazine. I am more in touch with the lives of celebrities in the past 2 years than I've been in decades, thanks to Dr. Diddle.

And so that's the extent of my magazine-reading life. I think what this says about me is: I'm a mom who digs articulate articles about home education and about what's happening in the worldwide church and local congregation; I have too many other things to do to renovate my home on a monthly basis; and I enjoy a good dose of Hollywood smut now and then.

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Literary Feline said...

I recently cancelled my subscription to The New Yorker. I was really enjoying the magazine when I found time to read it, but I tend to gravitate towards magazines with shorter and less involved articles. I still subscribe to Harper's, another one I enjoy, but I'm letting my subscription run out on that one for the same reason that I gave up on The New Yorker. I will probably still pick up a copy now and then--just not have issues delivered to my house regularly.

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Thank you for mentioning The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! We're glad that you enjoy it and take the time to read the articles!
Heidi from TOS