Sunday, September 2, 2012

Book Review: Blue Diary

Why haven't I read more Alice Hoffman? She's a prolific writer, and I have loved everything I have read so far, but somehow she just isn't on my radar. I need to change that.

Recently a friend said that I must read Hoffman's The Dovekeepers. It was checked out at the library, so I pulled  Blue Diary off the shelf instead. And wow! Alice Hoffman can tell a story. First off, this is a slightly gory and pretty disturbing book; but if you can handle a grisly murder and the frightening possibility that we aren't who we say we are, you should read it.

Ethan Ford is the town's sweetheart. Everyone loves him. He rescues kids from burning houses, coaches Little League like no one else, is incredibly handsome, and is madly in love with his wife and son. And then his face shows up on America's Most Wanted one evening, and everything changes instantly. Who is Ethan Ford? And did he really do it?

The novel mainly focuses on Jori and Collie, his wife and son, as they try to figure out the truth—and if there can possibly be two truths. Or one Ethan. Or  no Ethan. And can you—must you—keep loving someone who may or may not exist?

Highly recommended but definitely a bit grisly.

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