Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Slowest Month Ever

Books Read and Reviewed in July
Funny in Farsi
People of the Book

The Reason Why
Big Thick Book

And that's pretty much July at SmallWorld Reads.

I have a 14-hour car trip coming up this week (and I will probably only drive a couple of those hours), so surely I will be able to finish the last 700 pages of The Count! But I must reiterate, that while this is a really thick book to get through, it is well worth it.


Rebecca Reid said...

I hope you keep liking the count. I felt it slowed down a LOT in the last 700 pages. But I agree that the first 500 or so are well worth reading.

gautami tripathy said...

The Count of Monte Christo is well worth it!

July 2009 Wrap up

Marbel said...

Oh man, I hope you know how blessed you are to be able to read in a moving car! I have never been able to. Enjoy!

Literary Feline said...

Have a safe and fun trip! I don't do well reading on long car trips. It's not that I get sick--I'm lucky in that I haven't been carsick once in my life--but I do love seeing the sights as we drive.

It's different when we're driving someplace I've been a million times. Then I don't mind popping the book out. Someday I may try an audio book for a long drive. My husband and I will just have to find something we can agree on. :-)

Have a great time.

Laughing Stars said...

One really good book is worth a pile of twaddle. :-D Have a safe and fun trip.