Sunday, January 13, 2008

Book Review: Flies on the Butter

January 13, 2008

""Let those flies have the butter, and next thing you know, they'll want your biscuits, too. You've got to be vigilant about some things in life."

This book by Denise Hildreth is a sweet piece of Christian chick lit (that's sweet as in "nice," not as in "suh-weet!"). Predictable, trite, and familiar with mediocre writing, but ultimately the kind you keep reading because you really want to know what happens. The story centers on the high-powered career woman everyone loves to hate, Rose Fletcher, who is really a good Southern girl in her inner core. She is called home to South Carolina, and takes the long drive to reflect on her life of poor choices in a series of flashbacks. Ultimately, of course, she peels down all the layers to that Southern core. Along the way, she makes many stops at hole-in-the-wall gas stations and meets a stereotypical cast of characters.

Still, there's something heartwarming about the book. It's one of those books that serves well for in-between great books.

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